About Blazematic

Introducing Blazematic

Blazematic - Blaze means a large and bright amount of light or fire and Matic signifies Automatic. Hence, blazematic is a disruptive evolution of an NFT marketplace with De-Fi ecosystem. It is completely decentralized and no central authority have any control over it.

Blazematic is the one of the pioneer NFT marketplace with a strong community powered by Blockchain. It has a special affiliate model where you can mint and stake NFTs and earn Blazematic tokens as Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and rewards!

Blazematic is the combination of POS, POB, DeFi and blockchain based affiliate marketing plan, while being an open source project which is making it non fund raising token

The Logical Specifications

  • Unique NFT

    Each Blazematic NFT is unique and generated from many possible traits including their expression, uniqueness and more

  • BMC Token

    The Blazematic NFTSs are known as BMC Tokens