Our Collections

  • GFE (Golden Fierce Eagle)

    The most influential NFT is the GFE which has a key vision of their target centric once focus achieves the bull’s eye and will the ecosystem in the finest manner.

    Color: Mystic Gold
  • PWC (Pet Wild Cat)

    The PWC NFT art reflects the power and intelligence of the wild cat where it can sense the best actions on it's target and also has a dangerous nail hit which may lead to a high level of damage to the beholder. So will generate output matrix.

    Color: Dark and Light Black Mix with neon-yellow features
  • TKB (The Kids' Buddy)

    When your children needs an active listener to them, TKB will be the best guy to rely on. Happiness should be the irony of any investment be it time or money. our NFT icon TKB is a loving puppy with mischievious nature and charming aura it creates with the warmth and affections towards the mates. This stake will indeed generate happiness in your pockets

    Color: Misty Mustard and Brown Borders
  • TWM (The Witty Markhor)

    TWM is one of the prime asset of the NFT space with a clever yet stagnant features of aiming the target with correlation to goal for best output against the inputs.

    Color: Light tan with brown horn
  • CPJ (City of Petra Jordan)

    One of the most fascinating ancient city of Petra, Jordan was built in by Moses from rocks and sandstones and Nabataeans carved them into such a majestic lustre that it's color changes with the shifting Sun. CPJ NFT will outstream your input into inclining assets with the dawn and rise everyday.

    Color: Dusty sand brown
  • GWC (Great Wall of China)

    It maybe one the very common tourist spot but was built across the northern borders of China to protect the country against various nomadic groups. Subsequently, the NFT GWC reflects the vibe that inputs will reliably be secure in the ecosystem.

    Color: The majestic mustard and primary RBG mix
  • TMA (Taj Mahal Agra)

    The most iconic monument representing the love as symbolic tribute by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal is yet alive for it's lure and beauty. So will be the TMA NFT for the connect of the contract with it's beholders

    Color: Dull mix of creamy grey-white portion
  • TCR (The Colosseum Rome)

    The largest and ancient Amphitheatre in the world was constructed by Flavian Dynasty from 72 to 80 AD by three emperors subsequently. The TCR NFT is going to be huge enough in the metaverse community to have mersmerising outputs.

    Color: Comtemporary pink and dull cream
  • GPG (Great Pyramid of Giza)

    It was built in the early 26th century BC and the largest Egyptian Pyramid having the remains of the workers and the tomb of Fourth Dynasty pharaoh KHUFU. Our NFT GPG will store the assets and appreciation of all the stakes.

    Color: Glowey brown white mix