People don't understand NFTs, Metaverse, and Crypto today the same way they didn't understand online shopping in 1995

Blazematic is an incredible NFT marketplace

• Blazematic is the most advanced NFT marketplace with 100% unique NFT arts. It is completely decentralized and no central authority have any control over it.
  • 9 Total NFTs
  • 1.2 M Total Tokens
  • BMC Token Name
  • Self Withdrawal

About Blazematic Token

Blazematic - Blaze means a large and bright amount of light or fire and Matic signifies Automatic. Hence, blazematic is a disruptive evolution of an NFT marketplace with De-Fi ecosystem. It is completely decentralized and no central authority have any control over it.
  • Blazematic is the one of the pioneer NFT marketplace with a strong community powered by Blockchain. It has a special affiliate model where you can mint and stake NFTs and earn Blazematic tokens as Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and rewards!

  • Blazematic is the combination of POS, POB, DeFi and blockchain based affiliate marketing plan, while being an open source project which is making it non fund raising token

How Blazematic Works?

Why Blazematic?

  • High APY

    High APY on staking

  • DeFi Based Marketplace

    Defi based technology and most advanced NFT marketplace

  • 100% burning on minting

    Using Binance smart Blockchain there is 100% burning

  • Unique Affiliate

    Unique Affiliate Reward System

  • Limited Tokens

    1.2 M tokens in the eco system

  • Buy, Sell, Swap

    Instant buy, sell, swap options on Binance Smartchain

The Targetted journey of the Blazematic

  • Phase I

    Scope defining, Technology Analysis, Development Benchmarks, Proof of Concept

  • Phase II

    Development Team Finalising, Roadmap Designing, Targets Defining, Management Team Building

  • Phase III

    Testing of the Testnet and Mainnet, Bug Detection, Beta Testing

  • Phase IV

    Launching Prep, Documentations, Website Launch, Social Media Handles Creation

Join Our Affiliate Program


-User can track all the referrals, their stakes and commissions earned through Blazematic's Affiliate Dashboard.
- User earns a handsome reward for each referral minted the NFT.
- Instant payouts for referral program.
- Community leaders and members get access to our exclusive promotional materials and all the repository to manage their referees and downline.

Just 2 Steps to join the affiliate program:

- Simply Signup using your Metamask, Trust Wallet or any other wallet.
- Enter the authorised referral id of the affiliate.

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